White Mystery

Website for sibling rock’n’roll duo White Mystery.

As a band steeped in DIY ethos much of the design is a collaboration with Alex White. Alex provided logos, colors, and lots of content to work with. I designed the website with these assets, and provided a few bonus designs too... like the WMTV logo.

Delivering a platform that allows the band to easily manage their own content was of utmost importance.

Wordpress, allows for easy blogging and a few key plugins add essential features for the band. I developed a custom theme for Wordpress and extended to Storenvy (a free shopping platform that uses PayPal for transactions) for a unique and consistent look. GigPress is a fantastic plugin for managing shows and tours. TubePress allows them to easily update their video page by managing a YouTube playlist. Advanced Custom Fields allow for custom designs and enhanced content management.

One of my favorite bonuses is the slow gradient animation I incorporated into their script logo to give a mysteriously cool vibe.

Visit whitemystery.com

White Mystery

Animated logo

White Mystery TV